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How To Protect Your Skin In The Winter

Moisturise Cold weather and indoor heating can dry out skin. So it’s important to moisturise your skin, especially if you have skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Moisturisers with shea butter, glycerine and alpha hydroxy acids can help keep your skin healthy. Also look for products with non-clogging oil ingredients like mineral, avocado or primrose …

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Why You Should Consider Insulating Your Home

Insulation keeps hot and cold air consistent throughout the home. This helps keep your house cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. Crevices and gaps around doorways and windows allow cold air to enter and warm air to escape, but insulation can block these openings. Insulation Glasgow is an eco-friendly product. It reduces …

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The Mental And Physical Benefits Of Pilates

Increased Flexibility Pilates exercises target the entire body to increase muscle strength and flexibility, while also improving posture and alignment. This workout can be done on the floor on a mat or with equipment at a gym or studio, in class with a trainer or by yourself at home (if you have access to the …

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How Do Drama Classes Benefit Mental Health?

Drama classes can teach students a lot of skills that will be useful in life. Students will experience being actors, playwrights, technicians, designers, and critics. Self-confidence is built through drama classes in Glasgow and theatre activities. This healthy confidence will help them in life by allowing them to face challenging situations with ease. Empathy In …

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Reducing Carbon Footprint At Home

Your carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases you produce. These gases contribute to climate change, including rising global temperatures, ocean acidification, rising sea levels, mass species extinctions, and food scarcity. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to reduce your footprint at home. The Eco4 funding scheme can offer you …

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How Can Stress Impact Physical Health?

Heart Disease When you’re under stress, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that increases your blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol levels. High levels of these hormones can increase your risk for heart disease, the number one killer in both women and men. Depression Chronic stress is bad for your body and can cause …

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The Benefits Of Using An Edinburgh Letting Agency

Whether you are a first-time landlord or already have a portfolio, letting agents offer a range of services that can help you save time. Letting agents in Edinburgh can find tenants for your property, complete referencing and Right-to-Rent checks, set up a tenancy agreement and create an inventory of the property to ensure accurate and …

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How To Stay Active As A Heart Patient

It is important to keep moving as a heart patient and ensure that you are continuing to strengthen your heart muscle at a pace that is safe for you. It is always important to consult with a GP or any professional before you do any exercise as a heart patient. You want to ensure that …

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Cholesterol Check: A Brief Guide

Maintaining good heart health is crucial. The heart is a muscle that is constantly in use and works to keep our bodies moving and living. However, heart health can be complicated and when there are health issues present within this muscle, they are not always obvious or symptomatic. Often, people may think that it is …

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