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Facelift Glasgow: A Step to Step Guide


The facelift is a procedure that tightens the skin around the face providing the client with a youthful look and according to the American society of plastic surgeons, facelifts are the most popular forms of plastic surgery. Facelift Glasgow removed excess skin caused by ageing and weight loss, it will tighten and reposition skin. The average age of a patient that gets a facelift is in their 40s-60s as these are the best and most effective ages to get the procedure done as any older than 60 the skin will be too loose so the facelift will not be as effective. Anyone who carries out this procedure should have aesthetics training. 

Pre- operation

There are usually two consultations before undergoing a facelift Glasgow, this is to ensure that you that your chosen doctor knows what you are looking to get out of the facelift Glasgow and to make sure that you fully understand what is involved with the surgery. During the consultations, you will also create a post op plan that will be best for your recovery. During these meetings, you will also be told the risks that are associated with the surgery as well as the potential benefits.

Before the operation, you will be advised to eat well and keep well-nourished. The doctor will also advise you to lose any extra weight to minimise any complication during the operation.


On the day of the operation, the doctor performing the operation will come round and go over the details of the operation again, to make sure that you are fully aware of what will happen.

The operation is usually carried out at a clinic by a plastic surgeon and it performed under some form on anaesthetic, general anaesthetic is the most common form.

A facelift Glasgow is a long procedure and everyone’s operation in individual but in most cases, a facelift takes up to six hours. After the operation, in most cases, spend the night in the hospital to be monitored.


After the surgery bruising and swelling are common and happen in most cases. The hospital will dress the wound to protect it from any infection and this dressing will stay on for one week until it is checked again by a nurse.

Facelifts Glasgow is not known to be hugely painful operations, however, reports of tightening and spasms. The swelling does create some discomfort but there is little pain attached with the facelift.

For the first week after the surgery, you will not be likely to leave the house as you will most likely have low energy, so bed days are vital. Relax and give your body time to heal.


For best results. ALWAYS, have this treatment completed by a team with botox training.The scarring after the surgery will be minimal and will be well hidden by the hairline. After the swelling is down and bruising has gone, the results will be visible. Patients will have a younger, refreshed face with a more vibrant appearance. Most plastic surgeons estimate that the procedure should last for five years, giving you that youthful look for a long time.