Five Ways That Old Whisky Can Be Good For Your Health

Old and rare whisky is becoming increasingly popular both in Scotland and around the world. Individuals all over are turning to companies like The Rare Malt Whisky Company in order to find the next old and rare whisky to add to their collection. However, a little-known fact is that these whiskies can also be incredibly good for your health. Whisky comes with a range of benefits that can be good for your mental, physical and emotional health.

Read on and find out how old and rare whisky can be good for your health.

Old and Rare Whisky

Whisky is a really popular spirit which is believed to have originated in Scotland and Ireland. The bottles count as being old and rare whisky when either distillery close down or if the bottling was a very small number of bottles or it was released as a limited edition. In other cases, whiskies become rare over the course of many years, for example, if it was bottled in the 50s it is very likely that it will be quite rare today.

Boosted Immune System

This is probably the most common fact that is known surrounding how old and rare whisky can be good for your health. Many people in Scotland turn to a ‘hot toddy’ when they get the common cold. This is a mixture of single malt whisky, lemon juice and honey. The properties of all three components all boost your immune system and help to kill bacteria and soothe your throat.


Aids Digestion

In many films, after a large dinner, the characters may turn to old and rare whisky for a post-meal digestif. However, this can help you in the real world too. Whisky can help with settling an upset stomach caused by over-indulging. It stimulates the stomach’s activity and helps to break down the food.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes

Whisky has the power to regulate your blood sugar, without actually containing any sugar. During the maturation process, whisky gains a chemical called ellagic acid. This chemical will control how glucose is being released from the liver. This can help to control your blood sugar if you are worried about diabetes.

Increases Memory Power

Whisky can help you to retain information and can slow the onset of some dementia sufferers. It is full of antioxidants which boost memory power and reduce the build-up of the plaque which causes Alzheimer’s.

Reduced Stress

There’s a reason why many people have a strong drink at the end of a hard working day. It helps to reduce your stress and also helps you sleep. This is obviously not the one true fix for stress and poor sleeping, but once in a while, old and rare whisky can help.