Lip Fillers Glasgow

The Expansion of Lip Fillers amongst the Non-Celebrity

Lip fillers are growing in more ways than one. Similar to the enlargement effect fillers have on lips, the aesthetic treatment is becoming increasingly more popular in common society. No longer are lip fillers reserved for the rich and famous. Lip fillers Glasgow has become a huge trend in Scotland’s liveliest city. Looking your best is certainly at the forefront of the Scottish mind. On every corner there is a 24 hour gym or health food shop. Plus every store has at least a few isles packed with products that claim to beautify anyone who applies them.


Lip Fillers Glasgow | How to Avoid the Trout Pout

Many people are afraid to have lip fillers since seeing so many others who have had terrible botched lip enhancers. Better known as the trout pout, enormous protruding lips that look closer to an allergic reaction than cosmetic surgery are a definite deterrent for those considering lip fillers in Glasgow. Advice from the experts is that these outrageous lips are a result of poor injection technique. Although injecting lips is one of the harder areas to treat cosmetically, anyone claiming to be a professional should know how to do so correctly. If done well the results should look subtle and natural. To achieve this look from lip fillers in Glasgow you should see Dr Darren McKeown.

Dr Darren McKeown for Lip Fillers Glasgow

Perfected technique comes with experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. In 2016 Dr Darren personally injected over 3,200 dermal fillers making him the biggest user of juvederm in Scotland and one of the most experienced filler practitioners in the UK. The Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide named Dr Darren the “Best for Fillers”. If you looking for lip fillers in Glasgow you should head to Dr Darren’s clinic on West George Street. You are guaranteed top results that look natural but effective. Dr Darren reveals that the mistake some practitioners are making is conducting the treatment too many times in too short space of time.


Why Some Lip Fillers Glasgow Look Terrible

Unfortunately when people get lip fillers they grow accustomed to new plumpness and fullness that their lips have. Forgetting what they looked like before, after a short space of time they think that their lips are losing volume. By returning too early to cosmetic treatments, a build-up of product can develop thus leading to the dreaded trout pout. It is really important not to fall victim to this.

Professional Lip Fillers Glasgow

Not only is Dr Darren an expert at performing lip filling injections he is also a trustworthy and reliable clinician. Dr Darren is careful with patients who return too early and too often for treatments, especially the lip fillers Glasgow. He revealed in a recent BBC documentary focusing on his cosmetic practice, that there are many people who make the mistake of thinking they require more treatment when in reality they don’t. For anyone looking to invest in lip fillers Glasgow but are looking strictly for a subtle and natural look, attend Dr Darren McKeown.