Scottish Gym Go For 24 Hours

Everyone is different and we all have different times of day when we would like to work out. The gym is usually crowded by half past five, one of the reasons why 9-5ers are put off hitting the post shift.

But what if you could access your gym 24 hours a day? Gyms across the country are now open from sunrise to sundown, helping Glasgow gym goers fit in their exercise routine no matter what time they want it.

Fancy a midnight run or an early morning weight session at your Glasgow City Centre Gym? Here’s how you can.

Fit in Your Morning Work Out

Does your shift start at nine but your gym opens then too? This will soon become a thing of the past. Professionals can now roll out of their bed and straight onto the treadmill with a 24-hour gym membership.

Worried about your morning routine? Freshen up at the gym! The majority of 24-hour gyms have spaces for their customers to shower and change, which means you can go straight to work post workout.

No Excuses at Gyms in Glasgow

The 24 hours’ gym trend in Glasgow is soaring. Millennials are choosing to go to the gym at all hours of the day. This passion has lead gyms in Glasgow to open 365 days a year. This access is exclusive to members who can check how many people are at the gym during their busy periods.

Your Glasgow Gym Could De-Stress You

After a long week, the gym may be the last place where you want to spend your weekend, however, fitting a few hours in could do you the world of good.

Finish the week on a high with a Friday evening gym session that will relieve you from any stress you have built up that week. Exercise is not only good for our physical health but it can enhance how we feel on a number of levels.

Exercise relieves us of stress as it increases our endorphin levels – the hormone which makes us feel happier! As soon as you leave the gym on a Friday, you will already have forgotten about heading back to face the music on Monday.

Turn Off from Work

You may hear your inbox pinging away, but that doesn’t mean you have to answer them. After work, hours channel your energy at the gym. No excuses! Put your phone on airplane mode, this means you can only use it for your gym playlist.

Gym clients think of their workout space as a “sanctuary”. This gym is also suitable for those who work out of the 9-5 day as they are open 24 hours a day! They say that “whatever time you come to our gym, you can switch off from the outside world, turn off your phone and enjoy a work out in our fully equipped gym.”