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Diets based on centrifuged, protein snacks and low-calorie substitutes: this is how the stars keep themselves in line without too many sacrifices. It is not necessary to live on a diet to stay fit. Just eat well and stay active – the secret, in fact, is consistency more than anything else.

This is demonstrated by the stars, who instead of undergoing super-restrictive diets only one month a year before the costume test, have a balanced and extremely healthy daily life, which allows them to always stay in shape without living a life of hardship (at the table).

We went for a walk in the fridges of Hollywood celebrities to find out what they eat.

Here they are one by one.

Healthy Routines of Celebrities

Sandra Bullock

The actress has always had an enviable, toned, slim and healthy physique. To keep fit, the star mostly consumes lean proteins, such as white meat, fish and eggs.

When she feels the urge to eat something sweet, Bullock indulges in “a nice cup of Lucky Charms” , the colored milk cereals on the market in the United States.

But no more than once a week.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress has repeatedly declared that she loves life and food too much to be able to contain herself.

For this woe to ask her to go on a diet , you would only risk being sent to the devil.

This does not mean that she always eats everything she wants , but that she tries to eat in a balanced way , also indulging in junk food and sweets , when it happens, and compensating with physical exercise .

“I like to look toned and strong, but I don’t want to be too thin.”

Jennifer Lawrence

Jessica Alba

The actress and entrepreneur has always been very attentive to the line , not only for her physical appearance but also for a matter of health.

Despite two pregnancies , the star manages to maintain a lean, toned and defined physique.

Thanks to the physical exercise , of course, but also to the vegetable juice that she drinks every morning , consisting of apples, spinach and cabbage.

“I wake up, work out and drink my juice” she confessed of her morning routine.

Jessica Alba

Jennifer Aniston

At over 40, Jennifer Aniston doesn’t seem too different from the Rachel of Friends that everyone lost their minds in her early days.

When it comes to nutrition, the star has no doubts: the biggest stumbling block is the mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

To avoid indulging in cravings of any kind, Jennifer eats frozen grapes:

“I especially like the red one, it’s simple and delicious. Freezing it gives it that crunchiness and freshness that you enjoy”.

Jennifer Aniston


To regain her figure after pregnancy, Queen Bey has enriched her diet with vegetables , significantly increasing the quantity to satisfy her appetite regardless of calories.

His real secret, however, is to consume one entirely vegan meal a day.

healthy breakfast

Kim Kardashian

The reality star’s first pregnancy was the most traumatic one, during which she gained more weight by drawing the irony of the network on her weight and her outfits.

To regain perfect physical shape , Kim relied on the famous Atkins diet , strongly based on the consumption of proteins, thanks to which she managed to get the physique she wanted for her fabulous wedding with Kanye West the following year.

Heidi Klum

Mom and TV presenter, the former model could easily tread the catwalks again giving a hard time to the new twenties.

His secret is to go running every day , but not only.

When it comes to snacking, Heidi has no doubts and prefers cabbage and celeriac:

“I prefer them to the classic apple. In fact, I love them!”

Heidi Klum

Megan Fox

After three pregnancies, the actress continues to be an undisputed sex symbol and despite having gained and lost weight her body seems not to have been affected in the least.

“Thanks to her pre-pregnancy body” says her personal trainer who never stopped training her, even while she was pregnant, at least as long as she was allowed.

And now the actress proudly confesses: “I eat what I want.”

Lauren Conrad

Closed the chapter “The Hills” Lauren has become a lifestyle guru and as such has begun to follow a much healthier and more natural diet than that seen during the series.

This is why she decided to eat foods that were seasonal and zero kilometer , in short, the fruits that a land like California can give.

“I like to combine ingredients, always change and create delicious and healthy dishes”.

Lauren Conrad

Kate Hudson

«Sometimes I just start walking or dancing around the house, just to melt because I feel the need to reactivate the circulation. But I’m not a fan of the movement. I do a lot of exercises to firm the buttocks and then Pilates », confessed the actress in an interview.