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Pest Control Practices That Will Help You Overcome Musophobia

Musophobia, or fear of mice, can be a debilitating condition. In severe cases, individuals may become so afraid of even a small mouse that they develop a phobia over them and start to panic. If you suffer from this immense fear of rodent infestation then this article is for you. We will further explore the innovative pest control procedures that will help you avoid any harm caused to your mental health.

What Triggers Musophobia?

There are many different kinds of rodents that can elicit a strong fear in humans, but the most common are mice, rats, and roaches. Musophobia is also commonly referred to as Suriphobia or Murophobia (again, comes from the Muridae order which encompasses mice, rats, and roaches) and is extremely common in children. In fact, it is estimated that over 20% of children experience some form of Musophobia over some type of rodents. The exact cause of this fear is not completely known, but a leading cause seems to stem back from early experiences where a parent has been injured by a mouse or other rodents.

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Symptoms Of Musophobia

Some symptoms that may be associated with musophobia are problems when it comes to eating, sleeping, or even thinking about rodents can give them distress. Symptoms of fear of mice are often accompanied by a number of other problems, including feeling sick, gastrointestinal distress, and the inability to concentrate. Because so many people associate the fear of mice with gastrointestinal distress, if a person begins to feel sick after even one rodent encounter, he or she is likely to become fearful of eating. Many people suffering from a fear of mice also develop a fear of eating when there is an upcoming meal at home. A person suffering from a fear of mice will often keep his or her mouth shut tight until a rat or small rodent is able to flee from the person. If a person is scared of rats, he or she may often keep his hands or even legs covered in order to avoid contact with the small rodents. Many people suffering from a fear of mice will freeze up in fear if they ever come into contact with a rat. Others may simply avoid any contact with the idea of living with a rat.

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What A Rat Infestation Can Do To Your Mental Health 

The majority of cases are generally caused by a fear of the rodent as a result of some type of trauma experienced in childhood. When a person suffers from a phobia of rodents, he or she typically feels helpless. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to treat and cure the phobia of rodents. Through behavioral training, medication, or simply talking to a therapist, patients are able to overcome their phobias and live normal lives. Some sufferers have been able to completely overcome their fear of eating after undergoing behavioral training and therapy.

Pest Control And Other Help Available In Overcoming Your Fears

While removing rodents from your home or workplace doesn’t eradicate the core issue behind your fear, wouldn’t you agree this is the best place to start? There are many solutions on the market including traps and poisons but these can be harmful, and the best solution is professional eradication perform by a pest control service provider. You can find various pest control tips, but it can be more effective when the rodent treatment is fully implemented by a professional body and followed up until the eradication is completed.

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Final Thoughts

A very good way to help with your anxiety levels caused by your fear of mice is to actually learn more about rodents, as they go beyond the street disease harboring and pathogen vectors. Many people of all ages and origins keep and love rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs and other species which are disease-free. While we don’t want the wild variety in our homes, we could at least learn to tolerate them in a recreational setting, in parks and on the roads. This will definitely make you enjoy a more satisfying and empowered life.